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Baby Blues

Baby Blues

This project is called 'Baby Blues' and is about postnatal depression. It is something I suffered from quite badly after I gave birth to my son. It had a massive effect on me and my family. I cried for hours on end, waiting for my husband to come back home. I thought I'd made a mistake, what terrible mother doesn't enjoy every second of motherhood? The sleep deprivation felt like it would push me over the edge. Only my closest family and friends knew what was going on.

My doctor prescribed me Prozac and it is how I have made it through the past four years (along with help from my family and friends). I love my son very much and I feel sad that I was robbed of those positive feelings at the beginning of his life. But can't change that and I can't blame myself either. I was ill.

So ladies out there (and husbands and mums and sisters and friends) who are experiencing any of this, don't be ashamed or embarrassed. If you have postnatal depression, you are ill, not weak. If you get help, things will get better.

I have found that by being honest with people in my life, even about embarrassing or awkward things, I can open the door for other people to talk too.